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3 ways to stay grounded this Christmas

So here we are in December! For lots of us this time of year comes with great excitement and anticipation, for others it might be stress and pressure. Whatever our feelings about the festive period, here are three ways to stay calm and grounded when everything around us gets a bit hectic.

1. Routine + Ritual

One of the reasons lots of us get stressed at this time of year is down to a shift in our regular routines. While this can be a welcome break from the norm, it can also leave us feeling out of whack. If you're staying away from home, taking time off work, have kids off school, things are going to look different. Consider whether there is one 'anywhere' activity you can keep up during the holidays, whether that's going for a walk/run, pausing over a cup of tea, a morning stretch or meditation. Simple daily rituals (at any time of the year) can be a really effective way of keeping grounded, feeling secure, and of carving out even just a tiny moment for yourself each day.

2. Don't bottle up emotions

Depending on what kind of year you've had, or your personal circumstances, or how exhausted you are by now, Christmas can be surprisingly emotional. Untapped emotions can have a big impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Releasing our emotions can seem a bit daunting but done in a safe way can really help. Put on a sad song or film and have a good cry, write your feelings down in a journal or letter (you don't need to send it), talk it out with a trusted friend. Also, try giving your brain regular breaks with a mindful activity that suits you; reading, crafting, puzzles, meditating, cooking, colouring, dancing, napping...

3. Let go of perfection, stay in the moment

It can feel like there are 101 things to get stressed about in December so make sure you give yourself space to breathe. The immense pressures we put on ourselves; wrapping up work commitments, getting our homes ready for visitors, financial pressures on gift giving and food buying, fitting into that dress, challenging family dynamics, over stimulated kids, that bloody elf on the shelf... it's a lot!

Check in with yourself regularly, breathe deeply, take a break, know your triggers, and remember - the people who matter are not judging you. Re-prioritise what's most important - is it having the shiniest floor... or is it being in the moment?

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas.

Sarah Catnach is a Wellbeing Coach and Yoga Teacher and runs Wellbeing Studio, The Nest.

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