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I'm Sarah


I live in gorgeous Stirlingshire in Scotland, with my beautiful family. My soul is nourished by our local hills, lochs and forests, by wild swimming, yoga and meditation, by sharing in the energy of others in my life, and by sharing my gifts to improve the lives of others. That's what makes me tick. 


After a 15 year career in the third sector, with a more recent side hustle of a kids yoga business, I retrained as a Wellbeing Life Coach and Yoga Teacher and 'The Nest' was born. I am a huge advocate for both coaching and a regular yoga practice and I'm a passionate believer that wellbeing and balance are the key to a successful, happy life. My own journey has led me here, to this moment, and because these things have changed my life, I now make this offer to you. 

Of course, I still get anxious, feel imposter syndrome and self-doubt creeping in but I see them coming now, and I have the tools and strategies to not allow them to overwhelm me.

Will you let me share them with you?


Certified by Raw Horizons AcademyAccredited by The Association for Coaching & NHS Personalised Care Institute

About Me: About Me
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